28 February 2016

Mellgren's IPA Edition (Single Cut/Los) - Review. 28 February 2016.

This is a snus I've been looking forward to for quite some time now, and the day is finally upon us. Conny Andersson's latest creation has been unleashed! Last year, I reviewed Mellgren's IPA Edition (Single Cut), but Conny wasn't happy with that and commissioned a second batch. This batch comes in Single Cut and also in White Portion! Those of you who know me know that IPA is my favorite style of beer, so this snus is something that I have been more excited about than usual.  Conny produced this snus at AG Snus and labeled it for Mellgren's Fine Tobacco in Sweden.  This snus was inspired by an IPA that Conny is particularly fond of, Ballast Point Sculpin.  However, for these reviews, I've been enjoying this snus with some IPAs that I enjoy - Goose IPA out of Chicago and Schlafly's Grapefruit IPA out of St. Louis.

For those of you who have been wanting to try this, it's available online to the US via SnusCENTRAL.com and the EU via TopSnus.com. Mellgren's IPA snus is made of tobaccos from four different sources. Mata Norte from Brazil which contributes sweetness and chocolate tones. There’s also tobacco from Nueva Concepcion in Guatemala which contributes elements of chocolate, nut and fruitiness. There’s Amish tobacco from Lancaster which contributes leather and earthy tones. And lastly, there’s tobacco from South Africa which is the backbone of the tobacco blend. It contributes more tobacco taste and a higher nicotine content.

The first thing you'll notice is that this is single cut, not finely ground like most Swedish Snus in the los format. I suggest using a snus portioning tool if you're like me and want your los in a neat little prilla. This stuff isn't the easiest to handbake.  One thing I, and other reviewers, have noted, is that this is a little dryer than other los snus products.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is primarily citrus with lightly sweet floral notes in the background.  The taste is a little different from the white portion version, however.  I notice more citrus in this one than I did in the white portion.  Also, the flavor of hops is a little more in the background, as are the herbal and floral notes.  One thing that I do enjoy about the los is that I can taste a mild tobacco character in the background.  I didn't pick up any tobacco in the taste when it came to the white portion, so that was a nice surprise!

If you're a fan of beer, particularly IPA, this is definitely a snus to try out.  Even if you're not a beer person, this snus is flavorful enough that it could appeal to anyone!

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  1. Hi!
    Nice review. I've recently acquired of of this fine snus and a really enjoying it.

    Do you know how the tobacco in Mellgrens is produced? It it produced in the traditional manner or is high heat used in the process?