26 February 2016

Lundgren's Slim White (Discontinued) - Review. 26 February 2016.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Fiedler and Lundgren has launched another new snus, Lundgren's Slim White Portion! A fan of Snubie.com grabbed a few cans from TopSnus.com and sent them to me, so thanks for helping us attain this one! I always appreciate our readers who help me get ahold of snus that I wouldn't usually have access to in the US.

The product description of Lundgren's Slim White says, "Made of tobacco cultivated in Skåne, Sweden. Rich in tobacco flavour with notes of meadow flowers and pine needles. With a new, perforated pouch which allow the taste to get out faster and feel more."  If you've never had perforated pouches before, they have little holes in them that help the flavor release quicker.  Also, this product has the new FlexLid, which is a rubber-type catch lid that expands as you add more used portions to it, so you never run out of space! It's a genius idea that I'm surprised no one thought of before.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mellow tobacco smell with a presence of pine and a light herbal hint. The portions are fantastic. With a slim, white perforated pouch you get a lot of benefits. You get the long lasting benefit of a white portion. You also get the comfort of a slim portion. And, being a perforated pouch, you get a fast release of flavor due to the holes in the pouch.

The taste is pretty complex.  You get a very present, mild tobacco flavor up front and then a nice hint of pine in the background.  There are also really light herbal notes in the back and just a slight hint of floral presence behind the herbal taste.  It's pretty similar to other traditional flavored Lundgren's products but this one seems to have a little more pine taste and a lighter herbal taste.  I definitely suggest trying it out.  It's a complex flavor and enjoyable flavor!

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  1. These portions look great but not digging the can. Looks a little blasé. Good review & will hope to see these soon on snus24.