23 February 2016

Icetool (Leatherface) Slim Can - Review. 23 February 2016.

The folks at Icetool are at it again with a brand new slim can. This is the Leatherface edition, and is a limited edition release. This is made with a leather top from Tärnsjö Garveri, a Swedish leather maker, producers of leather since 1873. Icetool describes the product as, "Icetool Slim Can Leatherface is new product in limited edition series. This Slim Can has a beautiful leather accent. The leather is coming from Swedish Tärnsjö Garveri. Smooth functionality with O-ring. Strong and durable, made of solid aluminium. Keeps your snus fresh and safe. Available with brown and black leather accent."

To do a size comparison, you can see it's much slimmer than a regular Swedish Snus can, but about the same size in diameter.

Icetool describes the size as, "Measures: Diameter 72 mm / height 15 mm. Weight: 36 grams."  Being a slim can, it fits very comfortable in your pocket.  When I go to concerts, I always have so much stuff with me - my camera, chapstick, cell phone, concert tickets, extra batteries for my camera and my snus.  When I want variety, I can load 4 different kinds of snus into this can and not have to carry 4 different snus cans with me.  So it helps a lot with convenience!

If you're wondering how much snus you can fit in this, you would be surprised! I was able to fit 24 snus portions in the star formation inside the Icetool Slim Can.  Don't let the small size fool you, it definitely fits quite a lot inside!

If you want to pick one up, our friends at SnusCENTRAL.com have them available at $48.46 USD. It's not a cheap accessory, by any means, but it is well crafted and definitely handy for a night out. Also, this craftsmanship is very bar-worthy and draws immediate attention. It's a great conversation piece to open a dialogue with curious onlookers about Swedish Snus!

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