16 February 2016

New from Swedish Match - General Omni (All White). 16 February 2016.

UPDATE:  General Omni has been released!  Check out our review of General Omni Licorice - here, and General Omni Peppermint - here.

I discovered this today via "Snuskultur" on Instagram.  It appears as though Swedish Match is launching a new product called General Omni (All White).  There are two new products, one is a licorice flavor and one is a mint flavor.  Last year, I heard Swedish Match would be launching a new type of "white" snus, so it leads me to wonder if this is the one I heard about.

This photo is of the strong licorice version.  This description was posted with the photo.  Please forgive the Swenglish translation!  "General Snus Omni is a new series from Swedish Match, in which the portions are completely white.  Just as white snus we tried earlier, the Omni is very untraditional, the portions are almost completely dry even when they are brand new. The taste is much better than other snuff category, and feels more or less natural rather than chemical örjan we experienced with other brands. Licorice aftertaste is however rather to describe as violet.  3/5 pouches to General Omni Licorice, a promising new product in the range."

There's also a mint variety of Omni coming.  I saw this one posted on Reddit a week or so ago. They remarked that they are "potions like the one from Epok". Someone else said, "General Omni is a test product that is currently only being sold at the border between Norway and Sweden as far as I'm aware of. The pouches are as you said completely white like Epok's."

This one is a little different.  It says "All White Pods".  I don't know what they mean by pods.  But as soon as I have more information about these products I'll update this post!

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