06 February 2016

General Mackmyra (Original Portion) - Review. 6 February 2016.

Review Updated: 3 April 2019

General Mackmyra is a collaboration between Swedish Match and Mackmyra Whisky in Sweden.  Master Blenders from Swedish Match Lars Jonsson and Mattias Schemer joined with the master blender from Mackmyra, Angela D’Orazio, to craft this snus.  The whisky category has been growing a lot over the years. In 1994, Swedish Match launched Probe Whisky, which was flavored with Kentucky Bourbon. In 2014, Conny Andersson, formerly of Swedish Match, launched Islay Whisky Snus at GN Tobacco, flavored with Islay Whisky. A year later, Conny went on to AG Snus and launched another whisky snus - Crafted Snus Whisky, flavored with whisky from Glenfarclas.  As the category is growing, it only made sense that Swedish Match would launch more of a single malt whisky flavor.

The flavor description of this snus says, "A dark tobacco taste with notes of dried fruits, cedar, and whisky along with hints of tar and malt." It comes in a 24 gram can with 22 portions for 1.09 gram portions. Yes, they are plump! The nicotine strength is 9.5mg/g (or 0.95%), which breaks down, or up, to 10.35mg/portion.  I'm not sure why Swedish Match went with bigger portions for this product, but it definitely makes this product different from the other whisky flavored products on the market!

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a predominant smell of whisky with hints of oak and smokiness. There is also a nice, dark tobacco smell as well. The portions are nice and plump, and quite moist; you’ll notice the flavor comes on rather quickly! The whisky flavor is up front, and you’ll notice some smokiness, some oak, and a dark tobacco taste. There’s also a nice tarry taste you’ll notice come out at about the 10-15 minute mark. It’s very unique, and one reason I like this product so much. The nicotine strength on this one feels stronger than regular strength, but it’s not too overbearing. The flavor, on average, lasts around 45-55 minutes.

This is a solid whisky snus, and one that lovers of tobacco flavor and whisky flavor will enjoy!

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  1. Thank you Chad. Great review! This stuff looks awesome. I have to tell you that I broke down over December & put in a big order with Snus24.com based on many of your reviews. I had high hopes for several of the whiskey-flavored snuses but most didn't work out too well for me. Conny Anderson's Craft Snus regular just tastes weird to me and the portions do not sit well in my lip. Anno 1852 whiskey portions left much to be desired. The Probe portions were a success and have become my new go-to snus and are largely responsible for getting me away from Copenhagen LC. I find the Probe portions feature a very similar flavor to that of the Copenhagen about ten minutes into a dip. There were many other flavors in my order but on the balance I find the General brand to be superior to everything else out there in terms of flavor, quality, consistency and subtlety. Huge winners from this order: Grov portions, Prima Fint, Probe & Ettan portions. The classics. I don't know what my problem is but I do not get flavor out of loose snus and no matter how firmly I bake a prilla I cannot get them to stay together in my mouth. It is mudslide into mouthful of mud within two minutes of placement. I am likely going to pick up a pack of those portion pouches you've demoed in an earlier video and convert all the loose I bought into portions, especially the Prima Fint. If General would release that in a portion format it would be my go-to snus. Stuff is sublime. Thanks!