04 January 2016

Oden's Lime Extreme - Review. 4 January 2016.

This review is an interesting one. GN Tobacco has two products with a lime flavor - Oden's Extreme Lime and Oden's Extra Stark Lime. They both have the same flavor, but with a few differences. Oden's Lime Extreme is 22mg/g of nicotine, and Oden's Lime Extra Stark is 18mg/g of nicotine. They both also have different can designs. Both have a 50% moisture content. The product description for this one says, "Odens Extreme Lime provides a very strong snus with a refreshing taste of vast summer 's freshest limes! The tobacco taste is mostly prominent and therefore a traditional snus touch. Odens lime extreme flows minimal and comes in a handy nice box with a lid."

The portions look a little more moist than the Oden's Extra Stark Lime portions did when I reviewed them last time. When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a very straightforward lime smell, slightly tart and not too sweet. The portions are quite comfortable and soft in the lip and have a quick release of flavor and nicotine. You don't taste a lot of tobacco with this one, but you do get a really nice lime flavor! It reminds me a lot of sugar free lime jello - a really mellow, natural, tart lime flavor without a bunch of sweetness. This snus also pairs great with a beer! If you like the flavor of lime, this is a must try snus!

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