29 January 2016

Anno 1852: Whisky (Original Portion) - Review. 29 January 2016.

I've had a lot of requests for reviews of the Anno 1852 brand sold at TopSnus.com, so thanks to a friend in Sweden who sent me a bunch of these products to review. Being in the US, I don't always have access to a lot of these more rare products, so I'm always thankful for our readers that help us get ahold of these products. The flavor description says, "Portion snus with a robust tobacco taste and subtle tone of whiskey. Regular portion type for ease of use and handling. Made for Topsnus."

These portions are quite moist, more moist than I noticed when I reviewed Anno 1852: Violet Lakrits Portion a week ago.  The portions aren't too full, but they're not too light.  When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a dark tobacco smell with just a little hint of smoke to it.  The flavor is where it confused me.  Being a whisky snus, I expected a whisky flavor.  However, over the 5 days I spent with this snus, I never noticed any whisky flavor.  The tobacco flavor is predominant and comes through as a dark, robust, well rounded tobacco taste, but no whisky.  I did notice a little smoke and a little more salt than usual, but no whisky flavor.  Does that mean this snus tastes bad?  No.  It has a pretty decent flavor for the price.  But as far as being a whisky snus, it missed the most important part:  the whisky flavor.

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