21 December 2015

Snubie.com Snus Podcast - Episode 020. 21 December 2015.

Episode #20 of our podcast is now up! You can access it for streaming/downloading at our Podomatic Page or if you're an iTunes listener, it will be available on our iTunes Page once it processes.

The twentieth episode of the Snubie.com Snus Podcast says farewell to 2016 by looking at the latest news, reviews and information in the world of snus. We also end this podcast with the 2015 Snus Awards for those who haven't heard/viewed them yet. We look forward to a great new year in 2016!

UPDATE on "Snus Stories" Podcast:  We are still doing this, and it is set to be the first podcast released in 2016! But, we're going to do it a little differently. Since I don't have much time to individually call everyone who wants to participate, I'm asking you to do this. Either record an audio file of your story, or a video of yourself telling your story (I can lift the audio from the video) and email it to me - Snubie.com@GMail.com. Keep your story at around 3 minutes, but no more than 5. Deadline will be January 1st for submissions. Basically - tell your story, how you found snus, how's it's changed your life, etc. add in if you quit smoking or dipping with snus, and how long you did that before you quit. Also, start it with your name (first only is fine, or first and last) as well as your age and location. Look forward to running this and sharing your stories! Note: Most of our listeners are English, so please do them in English if possible. Thanks!

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