09 December 2015

2015 Snus Awards - Results! 9 December 2015.

Recently we held a poll for the 2015 Snus Awards. In this poll, snus users from all over the world voted for the best, and worst, of all the new products released in 2015. We did a special video broadcast of the results, but several people asked for an article with the results, so you'll be able to find all of them here! Our friends at SnusCENTRAL.com agreed to run a special Week 2 of 2016 with the top 5 snus products in the best overall category. That includes the winner, Goteborg's Rape Original, and the 4 runners up - G3 Original Portion (Normal Strength), Crafted Snus Whisky (Original Portion), Siberia Red (Extremely Strong) and The Lab 22 Mint.  So look for those specials to come Week 2 of 2016!

The Results:

Best Overall:

1.  GR Original
2.  G3 Original
3.  Crafted Snus Whiskey: Original
4.  Siberia Red
5.  Lab 22 Mint

Worst Overall:
1.  Epok Coffee
2.  Epok Blueberry
3.  Offroad Silver White Dry
4.  Thunder Limo G’N’M
5.  Catch XRANGE Mint

Best Alternative Flavor:
1.  Goteborg’s Rape Original
2.  Skruf Ecological Tranbar White
3.  Goteborg’s Rape XRANGE White
4.  Thunder Kickass
5.  The Lab 03 Slim White

Best Fruit Flavor Snus:
1.  Jakobsson’s Melon Slim Stark
2.  Lundgren’s Slim Berry
3.  Epok Blueberry
4.  Oden’s Extreme Melon
5.  Thunder Prima Lima

Best Licorice Flavor Snus:
1.  Nick & Johnny Small Batch Licorice
2.  G3 Licorice Mint
3.  Offroad Lakrits White Dry
4.  Lab 24 Licorice Mint
5.  Epok Lakrits

Best Mint Flavor:
1.  Nick and Johnny Green Ice
2.  G3 Mint
3.  Skruf Ecological Mynta
4.  Catch XRANGE Mint
5.  Siberia Red

Best Tobacco Flavor:
1.  Ettan Jakt Los
2.  Crafted Snus Whisky: Original
3.  Mustang Original
4.  Offroad Silver White Dry
5.  Mellgren’s IPA Single Cut

Best Traditional Flavor:
1.  G3 Original 
2.  General XRANGE Original
3.  General XRANGE Strong White
4.  Thunder Gold
5.  G3 White

Best Normal Strength:
1.  G3 Original
2.  GR Original
3.  GR XRANGE White
4.  Ettan Jakt Los
5.  General XRANGE White

Best Strong Snus:
1.  Siberia Red
2.  General XRANGE Strong White
3.  Crafted Snus Whisky: Original
4.  Oden’s Double Mint Extreme
5.  Skruf Ecological Stark Los

Best Los Snus:
1.  Ettan Jakt Los
2.  Mellgren’s IPA
3.  Skruf Ecological Stark Los
4.  Skruf Ecological Los
5.  Mustang Los

Best Limited Edition:
1.  Goteborg’s Rape (With Pride)
2.  Ettan Jakt Los
3.  Mellgren’s IPA
4.  Nick and Johnny Small Batch
5.  Thunder Gingerbread

Best Craft/Small Batch
1.  Crafted Snus Whisky Original
2.  Nick and Johnny Small Batch Licorice
3.  Mellgren’s IPA
4.  Crafted Snus Whisky White
5.  Osterlensnus: Tobak

Delisted Snus Missed Most:
1.  General Smoky Oak
2.  Nick and Johnny Desert Green
3.  Goteborg’s Rape White Slim
4.  General Long
5.  Skruf Selection

Best Can Design:
1.  Crafted Snus Whisky: Original
2.  Nick and Johnny Small Batch Licorice
3.  Siberia Red
4.  Ettan Jakt Los
5.  Epok Blueberry

Worst Can Design
1.  Mustang Original
2.  Thunder Kickass
3.  Chick Original
4.  Chick Polar

5.  Catch XRANGE Mint

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