09 November 2015

Skruf Xtra Stark (Original Portion) #4 - Review. 9 November 2015.

Review Updated:  30 December 2019

In early 2019, the entire Skruf line went through a redesign.  So, over the past year, I've been working on re-reviews of the entire Skruf line.  Skruf Xtra Stark Portion has been a favorite of mine for many years. It's a strong snus with a bold and robust flavor that I love to throw into my rotation from time to time to mix things up.  The flavor description says, "Skruf Xtra Stark Portion has a pure and strong tobacco taste, containing natural condiments of bergamot and rose oil.  In this product we used specially selected tobaccos to give a rich taste and higher impact."  Each can weighs 22 grams and has 24 portions, for 0.92g each.  The nicotine content is a 4/4, which puts it at the extra strong level.  I guesstimate it to be around 17-19mg/g.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a dark, rich tobacco smell with hints of citrus and a light floral sweetness.  The portions are nice and plump, as well as moist; they come with a quick release of flavor.  The tobacco taste comes through in a dark, rich, and robust way.  It's accompanied by mellow tones of citrus, and then a light floral sweetness from the rose oil.  It's tasty stuff!  The nicotine level feels to be around the extra strong level, and I find the flavor lasts around 45-55 minutes on a average!  If you're looking for something strong with a unique flavor, this is definitely one to try out!  It's probably my favorite product in the Skruf lineup, and one with a truly unique flavor!

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