30 November 2015

Skruf Slim Fresh: Tranbar (Xtra Stark White) (Discontinued) - Review. 30 November 2015.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

This one caught me off guard when I first heard about it. When I first started snusing in 2009, one of the products I enjoyed the most was Offroad Cranberry Strong. V2 no longer has a Cranberry snus in their product line, so it's been almost 5 years since we've seen a strong Cranberry snus.  The product description of this one says, "Skruf Xtra Strong Fresh Slim Cranberry White Portion Snus has a fresh cranberry flavor with hints of mint/menthol and a high nicotine strength. White slim pouches for a better fit and a much more discrete feeling."  

When I opened a can of this the aroma of cranberry came through but with a hint of mint. I believe this one is a take on Skruf Sun Fresh Slim - which mixed citrus and mint. This one has a little tingle to it common of some mint flavors, and has a taste of cranberry but it's not as bold or present as their other products.  The cranberry flavor is very mild and natural and not too sweet.  There is a slight taste of mint and I want to say is menthol/eucalyptus because it honestly doesn't remind me of any flavor of mint.  It's a very interesting mix of flavors.  For me, this flavor isn't for me.  I like cranberry but mixing it with mint is kind of strange.  If you like mint and cranberry you can pick this up and give it a try and may enjoy it, but for me the flavor wasn't really up my alley.

The only time I've been able to find that I can enjoy this product is in the morning when I usually would use a mint snus.  This snus paired with a cranberry juice isn't that bad, but for me it's not something I could use full time.

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