25 November 2015

Oden's Double Mint Extreme (White Portion) - Review. 25 November 2015.

The Oden's Double Mint line has been growing a lot lately. In 2014 I reviewed Oden's Double Mint Extreme (White Dry) and this year and this year they launched 3 more - Oden's Double Mint Extreme (Original Portion), Oden's Double Mint (Original Portion) and Oden's Double Mint (White Dry).  They've added a new product to their line, Oden's Double Mint Extreme (White Portion).  This is the second white portion released by GN Tobacco, the first being Oden's Cold (White Portion) released within the last few months. GN Tobacco is known for their love of white dry portions, but lately they've been moving into white portion territory.  One thing that is really cool about their white portions is the can design.  The Oden's White line has some really neat looking cans.  But I know you didn't come to hear about the can design, so let's talk about the snus itself.

The portions are very soft to the touch, however the tobacco can come clumped up and concentrated on one side, so I suggest fluffing them before putting it in your lip. The aroma is a focused peppermint smell with a little menthol/eucalyptus aroma in the background. When you put the portion in your lip you'll experience a nice, mild cooling sensation against your lip and throughout your mouth. The flavor is much like the rest of the Oden's Double Mint line. It starts off as a gentle peppermint flavor which matures and grows the longer you have the pouch in. As the peppermint flavor grows you'll notice the menthol/eucalyptus flavor which compliments the peppermint flavor but doesn't overpower it or equal it in terms of presence.  It's a really nice taste.  With all the mint flavors on the market, it's nice to taste something a little different from the rest of them.  If you're a fan of mint snus, this is definitely one to try out!

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