25 November 2015

Oden's 29 (Original Portion) - Review. 25 November 2015.

When I reviewed Offroad Long Cut Apple back in 2010, I thought about how much I would love a regular strength apple flavored snus. Over the years, I saw the release of Oden's 29 (Apple) Extreme White Dry, Oden's 29 (Apple) Extreme Original Portion and Thunder Apple (Extra Strong). All of which are great flavors, but I'm a regular strength kind of guy, and I had been hoping that some day I would see a regular strength Apple flavored snus.  That day has finally come!  Oden's 29 (Original Portion) is an apple flavored snus from GN Tobacco that comes in a regular strength.

When you open the can you'll notice that the portions have a solid amount of moisture, but they aren't dripping or overly moist. When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mellow apple smell, a light smokiness and a mellow tobacco aroma with a little nuttiness to it. The flavor is definitely apple centric, but more on the sour side and closer to a Granny Smith apple. The flavor is a very natural apple flavor and not candy-like or overly sweet by any means. There is a mild tobacco character, a light nuttiness, and just a little smokiness in the background. The apple flavor is front and center, but those other flavors work very well with this snus.  I can say without a doubt that this is something I would add to my regular rotation.  On my next snus order I'll definitely be grabbing more of this one!

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