28 October 2015

Skruf Original Portion (Ecological) - Review (Discontinued). 28 October 2015.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Earlier this year, Skruf launched a new product line of snus products containing 100% ecological tobacco. These products are similar in name to many products launched by Skruf already, but made with 100% ecological tobacco. They recently launched two new products that I'm particularly excited about - Skruf Original Portion (Ecological) and Skruf Original Los (Ecological). I'm excited about these because they come in regular strength, which is the majority of my snus usage. When it comes to portion format, I personally prefer original portion over white portion, which is something that really excited me about this snus. It is an original portion, original strength ecological snus, right up my alley! The can design on these ecological products is really nice, it's a simple but classy look. I really like the way these cans look.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is very tobacco centric. It's a mild, natural, earthy tobacco smell with just a little bit of pepper. I don't notice much sweetness, which is common with most Skruf products as they are known for including rose oil in many of their recipes. The flavor is very tobacco centric. The tobacco taste is in the front and it comes through as a very natural, well rounded and earthy tobacco taste with just a little bit of pepper in the background. I don't notice any bergamot or citrus in the flavor, nor do I notice any floral notes or rose oil. There is a very light touch of sweetness in the background, but it isn't very present or bold. The taste of this one is definitely a straightforward tobacco centric taste.  I really enjoyed the flavor of this one and I can definitely see myself ordering this again!

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