15 October 2015

Oden's Double Mint (White Dry) - Review. 15 October 2015.

GN Tobacco has added to their growing Double Mint line by releasing Oden’s Double Mint Original Portion (Non-Extreme) and Oden’s Double Mint White Dry (also, Non-Extreme). In the past I reviewed Oden’s Double Mint Extreme and Oden’s Extreme White Dry, so I’ve been looking forward to a regular nicotine strength version of these products. With mint rapidly becoming one of the most produced flavors on the snus market, more manufacturers are releasing more and more mint flavors. As I’ve said in the past, I enjoy mint snus products that do something a little bit different from the norm, and Double Mint definitely does that! I found it interesting that this one has a catch lid, but the original portion version did not.

If you haven’t read any of my reviews in the past, a white dry portion is essentially a dryer version of a white portion. In countries where snus is taxed based on weight, removing extra moisture is a way to save a few bucks. The white dry format also allows the flavor to develop a little more slowly, but it tends to last a lot longer than a regular white portion. The aroma of this one is a mild pairing of peppermint and menthol/eucalyptus. In the original portion format I noticed the peppermint more, but in the white dry format it seems the aromas are more equally balanced. Although it’s a white dry portion, the pouch feels very soft and comfortable in the lip. The flavor builds slowly and starts off with a mild cooling sensation and a little taste of peppermint. The more the flavor matures the more you notice mild hints of menthol/eucalyptus and a little bit of tobacco. I didn’t notice any pepper in this one like I did with the original portion version. I don’t do a lot of strong portions, but I do enjoy the occasional mint. This one has a unique flavor and a lower nicotine amount so I could see myself throwing this into the mix when I want to use something different!

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