15 October 2015

Oden's Double Mint (Original Portion) - Review. 15 October 2015.

Review Updated: 4 June 2020

It's been quite a few years since I've reviewed this one.  Due to a new law in Sweden, they're mandating snus have at least 20 portions per can.  Most Odens products have traditionally had less than that, so with the new upgrade in portion count, I figured it was time for a new review!  SnusMe.com carries most of the Odens products and ships to the US, so I grabbed a ton of them on a recent order so I could do new reviews of them. Today, we're talking about an Oden's product with a unique mint flavor - Oden's Double Mint (Original Portion), a regular strength Oden's product! Yes, they do make those.  The flavor description for this one says, "A normal strength portion with a taste of mint".  Each can weighs 20g and now contains 20 portions, for 1g portions.  The nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), or 9mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma is a lightly sweet mint smell, which seems to be a pretty even pairing of peppermint and menthol. The portions are plump, moist, and have a pretty quick release of flavor! Also, since it's a mint product, you'll get a nice cooling presence under the lip when you put one in. In the flavor, I notice a little more peppermint, with the menthol right behind it serving as a compliment to the peppermint. Both tastes are mildly sweet, and pretty refreshing! The nicotine strength feels right at the regular strength level, and the flavor lasts around 45 minutes on average!  If you're a mint snus lover and want something a little different, check out Double Mint!

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