11 October 2015

Kapten Stark (Original Portion) - Review. 11 October 2015.

Kapten is the main product line of AG Snus, much like General from Swedish match.  This snus isn't for sale at the time via BuySnus or SnusCENTRAL, but hopefully that will change eventually. If you're in the US, Snus24.com carries a few of these, but not all of them. So these reviews are mostly for a friends across the pond in the EU who are interested in Kapten Snus. The Kapten brand is described as, "...a snus from the Danish producer AG Snus and builds on knowledge from five generations of tobacco crafts. Kapten Snus is a traditional snus with classic elements like bergamot flavor but has been given a modern touch which makes Kapten a popular and affordable snuff. The product is available in many forms, including Original Portion, White Portion, Mini Pouches and Loose."

The flavor description of Kapten Original Stark Portion says, "Kapten Original Stark Portion is a pouch where the classic tobacco rounded character with a higher nicotine content and robust servings". This one has a nicotine content of 16mg/g. The portions look a lot like, as I mentioned before, the old V2 portions from 2009. When you open a can, the aroma is a mild tobacco smell with hints of pepper and a light bergamot smell with a little floral sweetness. The portions are incredibly soft and feel great in the lip. The taste is a well rounded tobacco taste with a very present pepper flavor and a little salt.  The bergamot taste is much milder than most traditional Swedish snuses, and the floral notes are very light but compliment the taste very well!  Being a Stark Portion, this one is stronger than an Original Portion, so it has a little kick to it!

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