17 September 2015

Oden's Extreme Double Mint (Original) - Review. 17 September 2015.

I reviewed Oden's Extreme Double Mint White Dry a little while back and I recently discovered that GN Tobacco is now making an original portion Oden's Extreme Double Mint.  The product description says, "Oden's Double Mint Extreme - a mint/menthol flavored snus with an extremely high nicotine content. For fans of this flavor profile, you will be blown away by the taste and be VERY awake!"  The can comes in a really neat blueish green color that has a reflective label.  Blue is my favorite color so any can that has a tint of blue automatically rates pretty high, in my book.
Left:  Oden's Extreme Double Mint Portion
Right:  Oden's Extreme Original Portion

There are two observations I want to make about Oden's Extreme Doublemint Portion.  First, the new can doesn't have a catch lid.  This may be something they did on the first run and we'll see a catch lid later, but I did want to note that I noticed that.  Next, the portions look a lot different than regular Oden's Extreme.  They seem to be shaped differently and of a different material.  I'm not sure if they changed the way they produce their portions, or are simply using a different material, but the portions are definitely different.

When you open a can of Oden's Extreme Double Mint, the aroma that comes through is a sharp smell of peppermint with a little hint of menthol/eucalyptus. The portions are quite moist, and feel very comfortable in the lip. The flavor comes on quite quickly, as does the nicotine - and it's a nice little kick! When you first put a portion in your lip there is a mild burn, but it slowly matures into a gentle cooling sensation. The flavor is a straightforward sharp peppermint taste with mild hints of menthol/eucalyptus in the background. You can also taste a slight hint of tobacco and pepper in the background.  It's a pretty good tasting snus!  The portions, being as moist as they are, do tend to drip, so if you're not a fan of a drippy snus, this may not be the one for you.  However, if you want a snus with a bold mint flavor and a strong nicotine kick, this would definitely be one to try out!

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