11 August 2015

Taboca (Original Portion) - Review. 11 August 2015.

Review Updated: 14 March 2018

I felt that it was time to do an updated review to this one because, as you may or may not be aware, Scandinavian Premium Tobacco (SPT) was recently purchased by GN Tobacco, makers of Oden's Snus.  I was curious to see if this product had changed since I reviewed it last time.  When I reviewed this back in 2015, SPT used to have a description of Taboca on their website.  It's no longer there, but it said "Taboca is our 'Value for Money' product sold in a bold, distinctive packaging that differentiates from the older, traditional brands. It provides the independent snus users a new experience of the finest hand-picked tobacco produced by traditional Swedish snus production. With manufacturing facilities using only the purest spring water and hand-picked tobacco provides distinctive, fresh flavor with notes of bergamot and citrus Taboca that embodies the conscious desire to be unique, to give his personal message and to show appreciation for the good life. The brand Taboca is closely related to its use. By merging of Spanish word for tobacco and the mouth, "Tabaco" and "boca", created the word Taboca which simply stands for tobacco in his mouth."

The flavor description for Taboca Original Portion says, "Taboca Original has a flavor of tobacco, bergamot and fig." This product comes in a 15 gram can with 15 portions for 1 gram portions! The nicotine content is 10mg/g (1.0%), which breaks down conveniently to 10mg/portion!

As far as the product itself goes, it smells and tastes virtually identical to the last time I had it back in 2015.  GN Tobacco appears to have changed nothing about it.  When you open a can of Taboca a mild tobacco smell comes through with a little bit of spice. There's a little citrus aroma as well, but it's more in the background. The portions are very comfortable and have a decent moisture content - not too moist but not too dry, much like Gotlandssnus/Jakobsson's portions.  The flavor is quite delicious.  If you're a fan of the traditional Swedish Snus flavor profile but want something that is just a little twist on that, you'll enjoy this snus.  The mild tobacco flavor and gentle flavor of citrus pair in equal parts, there is a mild flavor of fig in the background, just a touch of pepper spice, and a little salt to wrap it all up and bring out all the flavors.  It's a very tasty snus.  The nicotine strength feels to be just slightly stronger than regular strength, but not too strong.  The flavor also lasts a really long time; I've found with this one I can enjoy it for up to an hour, which is longer than most original portion snus products I've had in the past!

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