20 August 2015

Knox Los - Review. 20 August 2015.

Review Updated: 24 April 2018

I've been revisiting the Knox series over the past several months, and today I'm revisiting Knox Lös to wrap things up. Last year, I hosted the first ever Snus Con in St. Louis. Skruf was one of the presenters, and I learned during the presentation by Jonas Yden, Global Smokeless Director for Skruf, that Knox is the #2 brand in Sweden.  When I heard that, I figured it was time to check Knox out again. The product description for this snus says, “Knox Loose has a clear taste of tobacco and citrus tones.” This snus comes in a 40 gram can and has a nicotine content of 8mg/g.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is earthy tobacco, gentle hints of citrus, and light floral notes. The lös itself isn't as easy to work with, but handbaking is possible with patience. I vowed recently to try not to use tools with lössnus anymore, so I've been getting better at handbaking. The taste is a lot like Knox Original, but with more tobacco flavor. There is a present, earthy tobacco taste accompanied by hints of citrus and mild floral notes which contribute a gentle sweetness. The flavor lasts a good 45 minutes, and I find the los stays together very well in the lip. It is soft, moist, and comfortable with little mudslide. The nicotine also feels to be at the regular strength level.

If you like traditional flavored snus, the Knox line is definitely worth checking out.  I enjoyed the flavor of the los, and find it to be a good alternative for those who like this sort of flavor.

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