Grov Los - Review. 10 November 2014.

Review Updated: 15 February 2021

When it comes to tobacco centric snus products, there are two that get discussed the most: Ettan and Grov. When it comes to Ettan, there is a pretty die-hard community of fans. However, I fall on the other side of the spectrum; I am more of a fan of Grov, myself.  I find Grov to have a much better tobacco flavor, and it's a product I always have in rotation.  The main reason I'm revisiting this product is because it recently went through a design change, and I like the more muted colors over the previous bright/glossy look. The flavor description of Grov Original Portion says, "Grov loose snus is a robust and well-rounded snus with a strong tobacco flavor and a subtle smokiness." Grov comes in a 42 gram can with a nicotine content of 7.5mg/g (0.75%).

Grov is the product of Willhelm Hellgren, and the story of Grov begins in 1840. Around this time, he was working in a tobacco factory but wanted his own factory, a dream that would come true in 1840. Over time, he developed the Grovsnus brand, which was trademarked in 1872. Grovsnus was so popular that eventually W:m Hellgren & Co was competition to Ettan. The Grovsnus brand was taken over by the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly in 1915, which would eventually become Swedish Match. Grov launched in the portion format in 1983, and white portion format 20 years later.

Now that we've done some fun snus history, let's go ahead and talk about Grov Loose!  The aroma of Grov is very much tobacco centric and it comes through as a powerful, robust, leathery, slightly smoky tobacco smell.  The los itself, being a Swedish Match product, is incredibly easy to work with; it bakes like a dream!  The taste is a lot like the aroma and is very delicious.  The flavor is a rich, robust, well rounded, dark tobacco taste.  It is slightly smoky, a little leathery, and has a very natural flavor.  The nicotine level, on average, feels to be around the regular strength level.  The flavor lasts about 45-55 minutes, and that's about how long I can keep the los together for, as well.  

Rating and Final Thoughts

It's very rare that I hand out scores like this, but I rated Grov at a 5/5.  It is, in all senses of the word, a perfect snus.  From the can design, to the flavor, to the nicotine delivery, to the flavor longevity - everything about it hits the mark.  If you're a loose snus fan and for some reason you haven't had this one by now, go ahead and check it out.  It's a great snus, and one of the best on the market!

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