25 October 2014

Granit Los - Review. 25 October 2014.

Review Updated: 17 January 2019

The Granit line is not one that gets much discussion, but it's a great alternative for those looking for a quality taste with a budget price.  Granit Los is priced at around $2.87 a can, compared to General Los at $4.17 per can.  So, it's certainly a product you can use to save a little money.  It's very much a traditional flavored product.  Fiedler and Lundgren describes the flavor as "a clean and clear, classic tobacco flavor with notes of bergamot and spices."  It comes in a 40 gram can and, according to the SnusCENTRAL.com flavor description, has a nicotine content of 8mg/g (0.8%) or 8mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is an earthy tobacco smell with a clear, clean hint of citrus. For some reason, the citrus seems more like lemon than bergamot in the aroma and the taste. The snus is not as easy to work with as other loose products I've reviewed, but I can still manage to handbake it. The taste is predominantly a rich, earthy tobacco flavor with a little pepper. There's a very slight sweetness with this snus, as well. The citrus is present, but doesn't overpower the tobacco. Like the aroma, it seems more lemony than bergamot. It's a pretty well rounded taste!  The nicotine strength feels to be about the regular level, and the flavor, on average, lasts about 45 minutes.

If you like the traditional flavor of tobacco and citrus, Granit is a good option.  It gets overlooked a lot, it seems, but it's one to consider if you want to save a few bucks.

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