07 September 2014

Welcome, Kiley Owen, to the Snubie.com Team! 7 September 2014.

I wanted to welcome our newest member of the Snubie.com Team - Kiley Owen. You may remember our article earlier this year, "Men Who Snus", which was about men in the snus world. That article featured Kiley as one of the men we wanted to spotlight. I've known him for many years, he's a good friend and someone who has virtually the same taste as I have in snus - so it seemed like a good fit when I invited him to head up our YouTube channel. With keeping up with the website and podcast, I haven't had as much time as I'd like to put into the YouTube channel - so I reached out to Kiley to take over there.  I'm glad to have him on board so that we can continue to reach more people with the good word of snus and tobacco harm reduction!

You can view his first video here:

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