26 September 2014

Thunder Frosted Christmas - Review (Limited Edition). 26 September 2014.

If you've read this blog long, you know how much I love limited edition and seasonal snuses - particularly Julesnus. I love Christmas, and anything that is associated with it. Every year, V2 Tobacco releases a Julesnus product.   Last year it was rebranded as Offroad Julesnus and started coming in an extra large snus can with 10 cans of Julesnus inside! It was a neat little "Christmas present".  This year - in addition to Offroad Julesnus, V2 is giving us another present, and something completely new and unique - Thunder Frosted Christmas!  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about this new release.  It caught me off guard - I didn't even know this was something V2 was making this year.  So it's a nice little surprise for the holiday season!

Thunder Frosted Christmas comes in the big can (if you order 10 cans) like Offroad Julesnus.  I'm not sure if there is a loose version or not, I would assume just portions since it's a new product.  When I spoke with V2 Tobacco about this new release, I was told it's "Thunder Frosted with a hint of Christmas! Spearmint, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon!"  I've never had anything with that combination of flavors before, however in the past I was a big fan of Catch Mint Vanilla so I was pretty excited about trying this one.

One thing I've always loved about V2 Tobacco is the way they experiment with new flavors and try to keep their snus lines interesting.  Thunder Frosted Christmas definitely does that - this is a combination of tastes I would have never thought of myself.

When you open a can of Thunder Frosted Christmas, the aroma that comes through is a sweet spearmint smell mixed with a hint of vanilla and just a little bit of cinnamon.  It smells really, really good.  The taste hits you immediately once you put a portion in - the vanilla is up front with the spearmint flavor in the back, and you can taste hints of cinnamon and a little bit of Eastern spice from the cardamom.  All these flavors mix very well together for a taste that is nothing like Julesnus, but still very reminiscent of Christmas in it's own way.  I love it, I'm a big fan of anything vanilla and a lover of all things Christmas so this snus is right up my alley.  I look forward to enjoying this and Julesnus throughout the holiday season.

I'm not sure when this will be up for sale in the e-stores, but you can check BuySnus and SnusCENTRAL in the coming weeks - I'd expect to see this and Offroad Julesnus for sale online soon.  V2 Limited Edition products have been selling out rather quickly, so act fast if you want to try this.

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