29 September 2014

Skruf Slim White Portion - Review. 29 September 2014.

Review Updated: 6 January 2019

The entire Skruf line has gone through a redesign within the past year, and you know what that means.  Yes, I do new reviews when products go through redesigns.  Today we're talking about the slim white portion version of Skruf, Skruf Original #2: Slim White!  The flavor description for this one says it "has a classic taste of tobacco, bergamot and rose-oil".  The product description says the can weighs 16.8 grams, contains 24 portions, and the portions weigh 0.7g each.  The nicotine content is listed as a 2/4, which puts it at the regular 8mg/g level.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a mild tobacco smell with a touch of sweetness, and a little floral sweetness. The portions are slim, soft, and comfortable in the lip. The material is a little dryer than the average white portion, but it's not uncomfortable by any means. The flavor, much like the aroma, starts with a mild, gentle tobacco taste. The citrus flavor is light, but present. The floral taste from the rose oil adds a nice sweetness that works well with the tobacco and citrus! I find the flavor to last up to an hour, and the nicotine feels right at the regular strength level!  If you like the taste of Skruf and want something in a slim, white portion, check this one out!

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