11 September 2014

How to purchase snus and save money! 11 September 2014.

When it comes to purchasing snus, there are quite a few questions I receive.

"Why is shipping so expensive?"
"Is there anywhere I can get snus cheaper to me for less than 30$?"
"How can I purchase cheap snus?"
"Is there anyway to purchase snus and save money?"

There's more, but you get the drift.  The majority of these questions deal with one thing - cost.  Let's face it, snus isn't free - as with any consumer product, there is a cost associated.  Many of us switch from cigarettes to snus, and depending on how you purchase - snus is still cheaper than smoking.  The range of cost you can pay with snus is anywhere from 3.90$ to 6.00$ a can (depending on the brand and how much you purchase), which is still cheaper than smoking.  Considering most people use a half a can a day on average, that's at most 3.00$ a day.  Whereas most people smoke a pack a day of cigarettes - that can be anywhere from 5$ to 10$ a day depending on where you live.  So one thing we know is that snus is still cheaper than smoking.  But as nicotine addicted Americans, it's an extra cost to us - so naturally we want to save money when we purchase.  Shipping doesn't make it any cheaper.

When I first started snus in 2009, all snus was shipped via the USPS, and it was very cheap. If you look at this photo, just a few sample orders I had in 2009, from (the old GetSnus, a different company from the one now owned by Northerner.com, just to try out two cans of snus - the price of shipping and the snus was on $8.35. From SnusCENTRAL.com, just to try out one can of Jakobsson's Ice Fruit - the price of the order was only 8.13$ for shipping and the snus. My, how things have changed. So, what happened? The PACT Act.

The PACT Act requires all tobacco shipped within the US to be shipped via a carrier that verifies age - and the one everyone went with is UPS. Shipping from Sweden via UPS with age verification averages around 30$. No way around that - all companies do it that ship snus.

Gone were the days of placing a small order here and there. Now, the only way it became economical to buy snus online was to buy in bulk. Webstores began offering more aggressive deals to combat the high prices of shipping, and the rising prices of snus. Periodically you will see free shipping deals, or buy 20 cans and get 10 cans free, deals like that. The only problem people ran into was that often times you would get stuck with a snus you didn't like and bought a bunch of. That's just the nature of the beast, and one we had to deal with. Trading tobacco on forums became more popular so people could try more things. The USPS has been rather vague about it's Tobacco Restrictions, though it is clear that no sales transactions can be sent via USPS (something you get money for), but "small, infrequent shipments" are allowed, which basically amounts to trading a can or two here and there. But unfortunately, the days of cheap snus shipping from webstores via Swedish Post/USPS are over.  So, how can we save money?

There are a few ways to save money when it comes to purchasing snus.

1.  ALWAYS buy in bulk - When I purchase snus, I make sure to purchase at least 3 rolls.  It's the easiest way to save money with shipping costs.

2.  Look for ANY specials going on - There are almost always specials going at SnusCENTRAL or BuySnus that will accommodate you.  If you can't find a special on a snus you want - SnusCENTRAL is very accommodating, if you send them an email and request it, you may see your request as their next special.

3.  Consider switching to a value brand - If you absolutely cannot afford to buy a premium brand (Swedish Match, for example) and you're considering going back to smoking - DON'T do it!  There are many brands you can save money on such as Oden's, Thunder, Olde Ving and Offroad.  If you're purchasing in bulk with a value brand you can get your snus for as low as 3.90$ a can.

Let's take a look at some cost saving measures you can take when purchasing snus.

Premium Brands

1 roll = 84$ (8.40$ per can)
2 rolls = 138$ (6.90$ per can)
3 rolls = 192$ (6.40$ per can)
4 rolls = 246$ (6.15$ per can)
5 rolls = 300$ (6.00$ per can)

1 roll = 68$ (6.80$ per can)
2 rolls = 106$ (5.30$ per can)
3 rolls = 144$ (4.80$ per can)
4 rolls = 172$ (4.30$ per can)
5 rolls = 210$ (4.20$ per can)

When it comes to purchasing premium brands - the key is to buy in bulk.  Also, when you purchase from SnusCENTRAL - any purchase over 150$ gets 10$ off, and any purchase over 250$ gets 20$ off.  And that's in addition to any discounts you can find.

1 roll = 62.50$ (6.25$ per can)
2 rolls = 98.59$ (4.93$ per can)
3 rolls = 136.25$ (4.54$ per can)
4 rolls = 170.00$ (4.25$ per can)
5 rolls = 206.09$ (4.12$ per can)

1 roll = 47.74$ (4.77$ per can)
2 rolls = 76.72$ (3.83$ per can)
3 rolls = 105.81$ (3.52$ per can)
4 rolls = 132.63$ (3.31$ per can)
5 rolls = 161.85$ (3.23$ per can)

What's great about XRANGE is that it's premium brand snus from Swedish Match like General, Goteborg's Rape and Catch - but MUCH cheaper.  Even the individual can prices are 1.35$ cheaper on average per can.  When it came to premium brands, you could get them for as low as 4.20$ a can (shipped) at the cheapest when ordering 5 rolls, now with XRANGE you can get premium snus as low as 3.23$ a can, shipped.  It's pretty impressive.

Budget Brands

1 roll = 63$ (6.30$ per can)
2 rolls = 96$ (4.80$ per can)
3 rolls = 129$ (4.30$ per can)
4 rolls = 162$ (4.05$ per can)
5 rolls = 195$ (3.90$ per can)

1 roll = 56.50$ (5.65$ per can)
2 rolls = 83$ (4.15$ per can)
3 rolls = 109.50$ (3.65$ per can)
4 rolls = 136$ (3.40$ per can)
5 rolls = 162.50$ (3.25$ per can)

A key to saving money may be switching from premium brands to budget brands.  If you can no longer afford premium snus, instead of going back to smoking, switch to another product - such as a GN Tobacco or V2 Tobacco product.

As with purchasing premium brands - the same applies when purchasing budget brands - the key is to buy in bulk.  Remember - when you purchase from SnusCENTRAL - any purchase over 150$ gets 10$ off, and any purchase over 250$ gets 20$ off.  And that's in addition to any discounts you can find.

10 For 7 Specials

1 roll = 67.80$ (6.78$ per can)
2 rolls = 105.60$ (5.20$ per can)
3 rolls = 143.40$ (4.78$ per can)
4 rolls = 181.20$ (4.53$ per can)
5 rolls = 219$ (4.38$ per can)

1 roll = 56.60$ (5.66$ per can)
2 rolls = 83.20$ (4.16$ per can)
3 rolls = 109.80$ (3.66$ per can)
4 rolls = 136.40$ (3.41$ per can)
5 rolls = 163$ (3.26$ per can)

This image is an example from BuySnus.  Usually BuySnus and SnusCENTRAL run buy 10 for the price of 7 specials - which is another great way to save money on snus.  These specials are usually for premium brands - though sometimes you'll see it on budget brands.

Remember - when you purchase from SnusCENTRAL - any purchase over 150$ gets 10$ off, and any purchase over 250$ gets 20$ off.  And that's in addition to any discounts you can find.

15 For 10 Specials

15 cans (1.5 rolls) =  84$ (5.60$ per can)
30 cans (3 rolls) = 138$ (4.60$ per can)
45 cans (4 rolls) = 192$ (4.27$ per can)
60 cans (5 rolls) = 246$ (4.10$ per can)

15 cans = 68$ (4.53$ per can)
30 cans = 106$ (3.53$ per can)
45 cans = 144$ (3.20$ per can)
60 cans = 172$ (2.86$ per can)
This image is an example from SnusCENTRAL.  These are also specials usually run by BuySnus and SnusCENTRAL.  This is the best way to save money on snus - anytime this special pops up, I always purchase and stock up.

Remember - when you purchase from SnusCENTRAL - any purchase over 150$ gets 10$ off, and any purchase over 250$ gets 20$ off.  And that's in addition to any discounts you can find.

Always be on the lookout for ANY specials or ANY way you can save money.

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  2. Why has shipping doubled lately to over $60?

    1. This is very rare, but some people are reporting it. SnusCENTRAL switched to real time calculating of shipping costs (maybe BuySnus, too) and UPS charges more for some areas than others. It's not something the manufacturer or store is doing, it's something UPS is doing.

    2. I live in S/W Missouri,the time before it was $30 so I went with buysnus and it was still $30

  3. Shipping at www.snus24.com is between $19-23

  4. And Snus24 has a bunch of brands the others don't carry, like Epok and Blue Ocean.

  5. If you buy the budget brands with the 15 for 10 deals, you can get even better prices. I just got 60 cans of Mustang and 30 cans of Kronan for $163. That is like $1.81 per can shipped.

    However, I have noticed that some of the budget cans, like the XRANGE, have close to 3 portions less (and 4 grams less) per can. Something to consider.