17 September 2014

Gotlandssnus Säsongssnus (Season Snus) - 17 September 2014.

One of the coolest things I've seen done the past several years is the "Säsongssnus" line that Gotlandssnus is doing. Säsongssnus means basically "Seasonal Snus", much like most beer companies do - a different flavor for different seasons. Gotlandssnus describes it as, "Season Snus is a series of limited edition products of Gotlandssnus AB."  One of my favorite parts of the year has always been Julesnus, because the flavor of Christmas goes great with the holiday spirit. In 2012, they added Sommarsnus (Summer Snus) which is a great taste to enjoy in the summertime. This year, we saw the addition of Pasksnus for Easter and Hostsnus for Autumn/Fall.  I wanted to talk more about these products, the Swedish holidays/seasons they're connected to, and look to what I'd like to see in the future.
First, we have seen Pasksnus. In Sweden, Easter is called Påsk. This occurs in the springtime range of April to May, which would lead me to believe that instead of a Vårsnus (Spring Snus), we see Pasksnus instead.  So this leads off the year in the Gotlandssnus Seasonal collection.

If you read my review, you'll recall I really enjoyed Pasksnus. "When you open a can, the aroma comes through of pure citrus and orange, with a light chocolate presence in the back. The portions are original portions, with a good moisture content but not too heavy on the drip. The taste is very unique, a strong presence of citrus, but not bergamot, more on the orange flavor side of things. The chocolate flavor is in the back, but mixes quite well with the orange. It's not a dark chocolate taste, but more of a candy chocolate taste. It's a very light flavor, and the orange and chocolate pair very well together. This one is definitely a must try! "

Moving along, we have Sommarsnus (Summer Snus). In Sweden, Sommar (Summer) falls from July to Mid August. So this snus is one to enjoy during the warm months of summer.

When I reviewed this one, I found it to be a great summer taste. "When you open a can of Sommarsnus the aroma is very fruity - having an almost cherry-like aroma. The taste is also very fruity with a very present berry taste, tasting like a toss up between a cherry and a strawberry. It's a very fresh taste, and one that is great for the summer."
This year, we saw the addition of Hostsnus. In Sweden, Höst (Fall/Autumn) falls between Mid August to October. This one was my favorite of the collection.

I reviewed this one recently and enjoyed it greatly. "When you open a can of Hostsnus, the aroma that comes out is an apple aroma with a slightly sweet and airy smell wrapped around it. The taste is absolutely beautiful. The flavors of apple and pear are very present in the front, and there's a slight hint of something that tastes like a very muted strawberry in the back. I'm not sure what berry it is, but it's like a not so sweet and muted strawberry. All these tastes blend very well together for the presence of the fall season."

Last but not least we have Julesnus, the original Seasonal Snus. In Sweden, Juldagen (Christmas) falls in December, but around the holiday of Christmas is Vinter (Winter) which falls November-March.

I reviewed this one in the past, and have enjoyed it every year since I first tried it in 2009. "When you open up the can - that wonderful aroma hits you. Cinnamon, cloves, perhaps a little ginger - it smells very Christmas-y. A sweet cinnamon flavor, a little hint of clove, some zesty ginger kick - it blends together really well it hearkens on memories of the holidays."

So, with those 4 seasonal snuses in mind, I would like to suggest my idea for a Vinter (Winter) flavored snus.  Because hey, who doesn't like limited edition/seasonal products?

I would like to see a Vintersnus. Julesnus is usually the Christmas flavored snus in December, but in Sweden, Vinter (Winter) runs November-March. So from January to March, there's several months that could have a great seasonal snus.  I would love to see a ginger flavored snus that was actually good, reminiscent of the ginger cookies commonly consumed during the winter season.  I'm sure Gotlandssnus could pull it off and give it a great taste.

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