02 September 2014

Epok Breeze. Review (Discontinued). 2 September 2014.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

After reviewing the new Epok Pinje and Epok Original, I was hesitant to review the new Epok Breeze. But as I am the official guinea pig of the snus world, I felt obliged to review the new Epok Breeze so I picked up a can from Northerner.com. The product description describes it as, "Epok is made on white tobacco and has white pouches so its a completely white snus. Large portions with a breeze of refreshing mint." If you missed the last article, we'll talk a little about white tobacco before going into the review.

You may be asking, "What is White Tobacco"? I know I was curious. In this photo, the white tobacco is on the left, and regular snus tobacco from a portion of General Original is on the right. White Tobacco is something the manufacturer, Winnington, came up with. It's regular tobacco that has been "cleaned" or "washed" in a process that, as they put it, "removes many of the hazardous ingredients that you find in regular tobacco". Knowing how safe snus is, it makes me curious why they felt the need to "purify" this and make it "white tobacco". But people are into purified snus, so I'm sure that was a factor.

When you open a can of Epok Breeze you'll notice the portions are completely white, due to them being white tobacco. Also, this snus embraces the popular long portion format - making it more comfortable in the lip. The aroma is a spearmint smell with a light aroma of tobacco mixed in. The taste starts with a small tingle and the flavor of spearmint is immediately noticeable. However there is this strange and rather unpleasant musty taste mixed in which makes it difficult to enjoy the flavor of this snus. It's hard to describe, but whatever that strange odd and musty flavor is that's mixed in with the mint flavor - it makes this snus hard to enjoy. In the end - if you're a snuser who enjoys mint, there are other ones that I would go with over this one. If you're into purified portions, you can give this one a try, however I don't find it to have a taste that one can enjoy.

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