Catch Collection - Violet Licorice Review. 25 September 2014

I usually don't re-review a product if I've already written about it, and I reviewed this one in 2009, but I figured I'd write about it again. It's got a new can, and it's been a while since I've had it. Plus it was one of my favorites of the Catch Limited Line back in the day. I picked up a few cans from BuySnus to try, and it's just as good as I remember. For those new to this product, the taste description is, "Catch Collection Violet Licorice - mild tobacco character with the flavors of licorice and violet, plus a touch of herbs and slight sweetness. As usual, Catch Collection Violet Licorice will only be available for a limited time. White mini pouches, with a dry Surface for less drip. The content, however, is moist for the maximum flavor experience!"

Most of us know what licorice tastes like, but violet may be a new one to some people.  It's common for people to add violet to tea, or to make jelly and jam with violet.  Violet has a clean, fresh flavor that is slightly sweet and fruity.  It's reminiscent of lavender, which is also very floral tasting and earthy.

When you open a can of Catch Violet Licorice, the aroma of licorice comes through first with a slight floral and herbal smell wrapped around it. The taste doesn't have much licorice to it, it's more detectable as a faint hint. The flavor if very floral and herbal, slightly sweet with a very light touch of fruit flavor to it. It's hard to describe violet/lavender unless you've had it - which is why I definitely suggest trying this snus if you haven't yet. It has a great flavor!

As always, this is a limited edition snus, so if you want some - pick it up before it's gone!  Many of these don't come back, so nobody knows if one you like will be added to a future Catch line or not.