02 August 2014

General (Original Portion) - Review. 2 August 2014.

Review Updated: 13 October 2018

General Snus is the king of Swedish Snus, in my opinion, and it's my personal favorite snus.  When I think of Swedish Snus, my mind always goes straight to General.  From the heritage, to the taste - nothing beats it.  The General Snus line recently got a new look, in the US and in Sweden, so I figured it was time to revisit it!  In this picture, the bronze can (right) is the Swedish market can, and the tan-ish can (left) is the US market design.  One thing I want to be clear about is this - General Snus sold in Sweden and General Snus sold in the US is the exact same product, only with a different design!  I get that question often, so I wanted to clarify.

General Original Portion's flavor is described as a "Spicy tobacco character with elements of bergamot, as well as tea, hay and leather." General Original comes in a 24 gram can with 24 portions, for plump 1 gram portions. The nicotine content is 8.5mg/g (0.85%) which breaks down to 8.5mg/portion.

The General Snus story goes all the way back to 1849.  In 1849, Johan A Boman started a tobacco company which would, in 1861, become JA Boman and Co. In 1866, he would launch General Snus. The story says that Boman wanted to create the best snus the world had ever seen or experienced. Mr. Boman had a magical nose, and was an expert in blending flavors. He was also very patient. To develop General Snus he spent 1500 days developing developing a recipe with 22 types of tobacco, which came from the world’s finest plantations. It also included the addition of a drop of bergamot oil, which complimented the spicy tobacco blend. This is what we know today as General Snus. Today, it is still produced according to his recipe, which remains a closely guarded secret. Round cans launched in 1967, and the portion format launched in 1977.

When I first started snus, the name "General", to me, seemed very...general. But, this snus is anything but basic.  When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a present smell of bergamot, which if you've never had it is the citrus component common with Earl Grey tea.  There is also a bold, rich, peppery tobacco smell.  The portions are plump, moist, comfortable in the lip, and quickly release flavor!  The taste is the star of this snus.  The bergamot flavor is very present, and is accompanied by a robust, well rounded, rich tobacco taste.  There is also a nice pepper component in the background.  The nicotine strength feels to be right at the regular strength level, and the flavor lasts, on average, around 45 minutes.

General Snus, in my opinion, is the best snus around.  It's been a snus I've used daily since September of 2009.  And the best way to experience it is with General Lös, or General Original Portion.  If you're in the US, you can buy it locally by hitting up the store locator at GeneralSnus.com!


  1. Man, I bought this stuff after the rave reviews on your site- it tastes like crap. Salty and weird, I have no idea how you can like this stuff. For as much as you diss Camel snus at least it tastes alright, I even tried the General Mint and it tastes OK at first but gets way bitter after about 10 minutes and I have to spit it out. At least this stuff only cost $2 a can so I won't feel bad about throwing it away.

    1. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of American tobacco is that they use a massive amount of sugar to dumb down American taste buds. I was the same way when I started snusing, the taste of General turned me off. But in time as I explored Swedish Snus more, my taste began to refine and develop and I grew an appreciation for Swedish Snus. For example, Camel "SNUS" uses such low grade tobacco they have to mask the flavor with all those disgusting sweeteners. It's why Camel "SNUS" tastes so bad and you can't use it for long. With Swedish Snus, for example, the salt accentuates the taste of the tobacco.

  2. Swedish Snus is the best - I'm American, and if I want candy I buy Gummy Bears and if I want good Snus I buy General Original Portions. I support Swedish Match as much as possible. Great product form a great company.

  3. I started out using Camel Snus and then became curious about real Swedish Snus. I tracked down some General Snus and love it. The only time I use Camel is when I run out of General.

  4. Indeed general original is an acquired taste for many Americans. However if given the time for taste buds to enhance beyond the artificial blindfold that we've become accustomed to, the complexity of natural flavors become far superior to man made flavors.