29 August 2014

G3 by General - Preview. 29 August 2014.

The review is in! Head over to this link to read our full review on G3 (Generation 3) by General Snus!

Original Preview Article:

I've been talking about G3 by General for several weeks now based on photos that have surfaced on social media sites like Instagram of a focus group (presumably in Norway).  Outside of pictures of the cans, not much was known about this other than what we could read.

First - let's start with a little background. General is the largest brand in Norway with 14 varieties.  When we look at General Snus - we're looking at 3 generations. Generation 1 refers to 1866, which saw the introduction of General Loose.  Generation 2 refers to 1977, which say the introduction of General White Portion. Now, we are preparing for Generation 3. The key to Generation 3 is presenting a modern and relevant product.

Generation 3 by General

Product Details:

Extra Strong - for the right focus
Slim Fit - for the perfect fit
Long Lasting - for longer use
Soft Fit - for the most comfort
Minimal Drip - for optimum enjoyment

What we know about the Norwegian snuser is that they like their snus strong, and they like their portions white.  So this product seems to have been designed with an eye to the Norwegian market.
The SnusCENTRAL website noted that these two products will be replacing General Long Extra Strong and General Long Extra Strong White Portion.

Here is an update on what the portions look like - thanks to "ronnyrog" on Instagram for sharing this photo.
G3 Generation 3 is now on sale at BuySnus and SnusCENTRAL!

G3 White Extra Strong - "A new generation - General G.3, an extra strong real General snus in slim white portion format with a softer surface."

G3 Slim Extra Strong - "A new generation - General G.3, extra strong General snus with a slim and softer portion."

It's interesting to note - General Extra Strong Long was 22mg/g and the G3 that is replacing it is only 20mg/g. The white hasn't changed - the old General Long White Extra Strong was 18mg/g and G3 White ES Long is also 18mg/g.


  1. Yo dude, this snus aint norwegian. it's all swedish :D

  2. Correct. But what I'm mentioning is that the snus was tested amongst Norwegians in focus groups and developed with the Norwegian market in mind.

  3. Wow... This really grinds my gears, Iv'e been using xtra long strong since 2012 and now they replace it with this nonsense? Preposterous! No, but seriousley, with the amount of money I funded to this snus, I should have some say in it... Also I would like to add that the G.3 starts dripping faster than the old one, and thats my main reason for being so angry with swedish match. They had a perfectly good product and now it's gone... What a shame

    -Angry Norwegian

  4. i think some variation aint all that bad we will still have grov white that works if the g3 fails

  5. I've been using the original General since I was a little kid... A mate convinced me to try 06 by the LAB experience.. I don't know why I got hooked on it, but when I tried to go back to the old original General it didn't give me anything.. So I gave the new G.3 a try, and so far I'm really positive! Taste is really good, doesn't drip much and it's really soft, which The LAB experience 02 or 06 isn't. 4.5/5 - I've got a new favorite snus.