17 July 2014

Thunder Waterproof & Islay Whisky Snus Hat! 17 July 2014

I'm a big fan of snus accessories and collectibles. I've you've ever watched any of my YouTube videos you've seen my collection, if not - here's a photo.  That being said, anytime a limited edition snus can or limited edition snus related item becomes available, I jump all over it.
The first new item that caught my eye is a Islay Whisky Snus hat. This item is available at Mellgren's in Sweden when you buy a 10 can roll of Islay Whisky Snus. I'm not sure if this will be available online anytime soon or not. Those of us in the US won't be able to get this unless we get it from a friend overseas, as the sale of tobacco related "swag" into the US has been banned for a few years now.
The next item I'm excited about is the Thunder Waterproof Can. You can pick one up from BuySnus or SnusCENTRAL (limited to one per order). The product description states, "This summer's must-have: Thunder Extra Strong Original Portion in a great waterproof aluminium can! Your snus will follow you around safely this summer, whatever wet adventure you might want to live! The silvery aluminium can with food safe coating and Thunder logo will seal your snus and keep it safe at the beach, pool or in the rain! It comes in a very nice gift box. Each can contains 19.8 grams of Thunder Extra Strong Original Portion."  These are very limited so if you want one, pick one up soon - they'll be gone before you know it.

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