30 July 2014

Thunder Waterproof Can - Review. 30 July 2014.

I've been quite excited to review this since I first heard about it. V2 Tobacco has released a new Thunder Waterproof Can. The order page for it at BuySnus.com describes it as, "This summer's must-have: Thunder Extra Strong Original Portion in a great waterproof aluminium can! Your snus will follow you around safely this summer, whatever wet adventure you might want to live! The silvery aluminium can with food safe coating and Thunder logo will seal your snus and keep it safe at the beach, pool or in the rain! It comes in a very nice gift box. Each can contains 19.8 grams of Thunder Extra Strong Original Portion. Max. 1 can per order!"

At a price of 63.61$ USD, you may ask why it costs so high. These can't aren't cheap to make. V2 made the size so that it's the same size as a regular snus can - and unobtrusive in your pocket. It was turned in special aluminum, sand blasted for a smooth finish and then given a special food safe treatment inside to keep your snus portions safe.
Obviously with this can, you can only fit your portions in it and not a can of snus. I tested it, and you can view that video below or here, but yes - it is very waterproof. I put in the Offroad Frosted White Dry portions we're reviewing in this article just to test how dry it would keep the snus. And it did very well! Not a drop of water got in.

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