23 July 2014

Oden's Double Mint Extreme White Dry. Review. 23 July 2014.

The growing trend these days is to make mint snus - and to make a lot of it. GN Tobacco is joining in on that rising trend by adding another mint snus to their portfolio. In the past, I've reviewed Oden's Cold Portion, Oden's Extreme Cold and Oden's Cold White Dry. They recently released Oden's Double Mint Extreme White Dry, another mint snus. Oden’s Double Mint is a 10 gram portion with 14 portions in a can, each portion weighs in at 0.70 grams per portion. I picked up a can from The Northerner for review recently to see what this one was all about. The taste description is simply, "Mint flavored".

As is common with other "White Dry" portions, these are slightly dryer than other brand's white portions. When you open a can of Double Mint, the aroma that comes through is a VERY sharp peppermint aroma with a little hint of menthol. Immediately upon popping a portion, a cooling sensation comes on along with a sharp burn/tingle. Due to the cooling sensation, I detect a hint of menthol in the flavor. As the flavor grows, the peppermint taste develops further and a slight hint of natural mint oil is detectable in the background. Being an "Extreme White Dry" portion, this one is stronger than a regular strength portion, and the nicotine kicks in at around the 5-10 minute mark. This one stays dry for quite some time, and the flavor lasts quite a while, allowing me to enjoy this snus for longer than an original portion, which begins to drip a little sooner than this one does. Whereas their "Cold" line has a spearmint flavor, the predominant taste of this one is a clear peppermint flavor with hints of menthol. If you're a fan of Oden's an enjoy the peppermint flavor, this would be one for you to pick up and try.

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