03 July 2014

Make your own portion snus from loose using Prillan. 3 July 2014.

Ever had a loose snus you wanted to have in portions, but they don't make it in that format? Ever wanted to use a long cut snus like Kardus, but you're not someone who enjoys snus in the loose format? Want to save a little money and have a ton of free time? Check out Prillan. Below you'll find my how to video I did on working with Prillan. I picked some up from Snusory.com and really dig it. You may be asking, "How can I save money making my own portions from loose?" It's all dollars and cents. 

All snus prices from BuySnus.com and in USD.
Making your own portions: 
8.48$ for 200 portion empty portion bags - 0.04$ per portion bag
Swedish Match Los - 5.12/can (42 grams) Will make 42 portions
12 cents per gram + 0.04 per bag = 0.16$ per homemade portion
240 portions in a roll = 38.40$

Buying portion snus
Swedish Match Portions — 5.32/can 24g can (24 portions @ 1 gram each)
24 portions = 0.22$ per portion
240 portions in a roll = 52.80$


  1. It is a great product. By the way you do not need to heat the end of a portion it will close perfectly with your saliva once it's in your mouth.

  2. I tried this, and love the texture of lös snus in a portion form.