Lundgren's Mint White (Extra Stark) (Discontinued). Review. 4 June 2014.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I reviewed Lundgren's Vit and Pre-Baked a while back, and now comes a new product form them - Lundgren's Mint. I picked up a can from Northerner to give a try. Their description says, "White portion snus with perforerad pouches, to enhance the flavor and fit. Tobacco flavored with a fresh touch of mint." Now, forgive me for the bad translation, but this is what the can says, "Natural Mint - Helping that brings you closer taste. With each unique pase you closer taste. A more natural sensation during the patch."  Yes, I'm aware that sounds like gibberish, but Google translate isn't the most accurate.  If you read my review before on the perforated pouches, basically the point of them is to get you as close to the tobacco as you can with a portion.  I've found them to be very comfortable, but the problem with them is that tobacco does come out of the pouches, and can come out when it's in your lip as well.  Like with loose, this isn't something you use for discretion.

I will say this, this taste is one of the more interesting mint tastes I've had in a while. When you open the can the aromas of dark tobacco come through with a touch of mint, and a light airy, almost floral aroma. It's very hard to explain but that's about as close as I can get. The taste is very complex. You can taste the tobacco, you can taste the mint.  It's a natural mint, much like General Mint - it's not a spearmint flavor by any means. You also get an herbal taste with it and a light floral touch to the flavor. For a mint snus, this has a lot going on and you can tell they took some time to develop this unique flavor.  It's one of the more unique and different mint snuses I've ever had.  It's not as strong as I expected, I'd say it hits like a strong portion, not an extra strong portion.

So if you're a fan of mint and want to try something different, check it out.  It's pretty interesting.