Gotlandssnus Pasksnus - Review. (Discontinued) 9 April 2014.

NOTE:  This product was a seasonal snus sold around the Easter season each year.  In 2017 it was replaced with Gotlandssnus Gullviva and Viol and is no longer produced.

Jakobsson's/Gotlandssnus has released a new limited edition Pasksnus, or Gotländskt Påsksnus, meaning Easter Snus. In the past they released Sommarsnus, a limited edition summer flavor in 2012. Now, in 2014, a special flavor comes forth just in time for the Easter season! BuySnus describes it as, "Snus with Sweden's most popular Easter flavor: orange chocolate. This original portion snus by Gotlandssnus is strictly limited and only a small number are available, so make sure to order while in stock!"

This is the first time the flavors of chocolate and orange have been paired together in a snus, so this one is very interesting. When you open a can, the aroma comes through of pure citrus and orange, with a light chocolate presence in the back. The portions are original portions, with a good moisture content but not too heavy on the drip. The taste is very unique, a strong presence of citrus, but not bergamot, more on the orange flavor side of things. The chocolate flavor is in the back, but mixes quite well with the orange. It's not a dark chocolate taste, but more of a candy chocolate taste.  It's a very light flavor, and the orange and chocolate pair very well together. This one is definitely a must try!