23 March 2014

Lundgren's Hvit Ekstra Sterk and Catch Collection/Times Square (Sweet & Sour). 23 March 2014.

Lundgren's Ekstra Sterk Hvit Portion
I've recently caught news of two new snuses coming soon. This one, from user linnmon2 on Instagram, shows a new Lundgren's product coming soon. This one called "Hvit Ekstra Sterk". A reader on our Facebook Page noted, "It ["hvit"] is Norwegian, Hvit = White and Swedish Vit = White. It's just translated for the Norwegian market."   The can also notes, "Porsjonen som tar deg naermere smaken", means "The batch that takes you closer to the taste."
Catch Collection/Times Square (Sweet & Sour)

This one, from user camillab70 on Instagram. From what I'm hearing this is available this week across the pond, so online users should be able to order this one soon, as well. I don't have any information about the taste other than what the can says, "Sweet & Sour", so I don't know much about this one. Catch Collection Sour Mint had a flavor of grapefruit, so it was a tad sour, perhaps this one has that flavor as well, I dunno.

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