03 March 2014

Gustavus Los Review (Discontinued). 3 March 2014.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

It's icy out today, the weather sucks, so I figured it's time to catch up on some snus reviews I've been behind on. I'm surprised it's taken me THIS long to review Gustavus Los. I've been a fan of Gustavus since the first time I reviewed it in July 2010. It's a great snus and sadly one that was banned from being ordered into the US when the PACT Act went into effect. It's sad how many great snuses folks in the US are missing out on after they were taken away from us. If you'll notice by the can art, the can has changed a lot since it looked like this.  They went with a more simple/embossed can and the font is relatively the same.  But man, that original Gustavus can was a thing of beauty!

When you open a can of Gustavus, the aroma that comes through is a mild citrus aroma with a hint of floral notes. The grind of this is very clay/putty like and easy to work with, much like Prima Fint, Gustavus Los is one of the easiest snuses to hand bake. The taste is great, just like the portions, a mellow and slightly sweet taste of citrus with floral notes mingled in and a little salt balance. The snus stays together very well in the lip and has a long lasting flavor. If you're a fan of los, this is a great snus to always keep in your collection.

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