19 February 2014

Skruf Slim Sun Fresh Strong White Portion (Discontinued) - Review. 19 February 2014.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Skruf has been getting more and more diverse lately with their slim line, and the addition of Nord 66, and now comes something completely different. Skruf Slim Sun Fresh Strong White Portion. BuySnus.com describes it as "Skruf Slim Sun Fresh Strong White Portion is a strong portion snus with a fresh taste of orange and mint. Slim fit portions that are different than the original Skruf portions. Optimized for better fit under the lip." This is definitely something new, the only thing that comes to mind so far is Catch Collection - Union Square (Sour Mint), which had a taste of grapefruit and mint. Grapefruit, if you didn't know, is a subtropical citrus. This flavor is much different from that one, so let's jump into it and talk about Sun Fresh.
When you open a can of Sun Fresh, the aroma that comes through is straight up, fresh orange. Like when you cut open an orange, that fresh citrus smell that jumps out at you is what you experience when you open a can of Sun Fresh. The taste wasn't what I expected at all. The taste of mint is barely present at all, the predominant flavor is a fresh orange taste. The mint comes through more in a cool freshness, and a little tingle. There is a very tiny slight hint of mint in the background, but it's not very present at all. That may turn some of you off, but to me, that was refreshing, so to speak. There are so many mint snuses out there, this one definitely was a different take on mint than I was expecting.  If you're a fan of citrus flavored snuses (classic Swedish Snus taste), this is a twist on the classic snus taste profile, with a little fresh/coolness added into the mix.  It's pretty good stuff!

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