27 January 2014

Oden's Extreme (Pure Wintergreen) - Review. 27 January 2014.

I recently picked up some of the new Oden's Extreme Pure Wintergreen from Northerner.com. I'm not a wintergreen person, but I do this for you guys. In the past, Oden's Extreme Wintergreen, or "Creamy Wintergreen", as it was called in the test phases, was the only Wintergreen Snus I've ever used a whole can of, and went back to buy more of. It made a believer out of me, someone who wasn't a fan of wintergreen, it was a wintergreen for the rest of us.  Now comes Oden's Pure Wintergreen.  I'm really digging this can, it's a lot like the design used on the recent No3 product line, with the glyphs and all that jazz - it's really legit.  Beyond the can, how's the snus?  Well, if Oden's Creamy Wintergreen was a snus for those who didn't like wintergreen, Oden's Pure Wintergreen is a snus for those who do like wintergreen.  The title "Pure Wintergreen" could be swapped with the phrase, "Straight Up Wintergreen", because that's what's going on here.  Let's dive in and talk about this snus.

When you open a can, the aroma of wintergreen smacks you in the face in a way that I've only ever seen in American Dip. No hints of anything, no tobacco, just straight up wintergreen. The portions are very moist, and the flavor comes on virtually immediately upon inserting this snus into the lip. There isn't much to say about this one other than it is, in all senses of the word, Wintergreen. If I had to compare it to anything I've had in the past, it reminds me a lot of Copenhagen Wintergreen, a dip that I did a video review of a while back. It's got a nice little burn, and a hella strong nicotine kick. This snus is definitely one I would say is good for those who like dip, or are looking to quit dip and switch over to snus. It is probably the closest snus to American wintergreen that I've ever had.  As far as for me, I like snus, so this isn't a snus that I'm going to revisit.  I'm not a fan of Wintergreen unless it's mixed in with something else, like Oden's Creamy Wintergreen I referenced above, or added in as a hint in Captain Yankee. But if you're a dipper, or a snuser who likes dip, or a wintergreen lover, this is definitely a snus for you.


  1. I love my snus but I couldn't really taste anything with this one even after 50 minutes and I even put it on my tongue and sacked it to try get some flavour. I was very disappointed. What's the secret, how could you taste so much flavour in it?


    1. I received some of the first cans GN Tobacco produced of this snus back in January, perhaps they tweaked the recipe a little bit after some of the reviews came in? I'll pick up some more cans and try it again and see if it's changed any. Thanks!

    2. Haha no you don't have to do that mate I know you're not a wintergreen fan I don't want to put you through that again. But to be honest I don't really taste much in almost every snus I try except for jakobsons varieties and mint and wintergreen general. I love the snus burn mainly. I read lots of reviews and people say they can taste these flavours but when I try I get almost nothing. I don't know why?

    3. That is really disheartening to hear. I'm coming from mainly using General Wintergreen's to Oden's. I have a shipment heading to me atm. I really hope that it's got alot of flavor. I love that mint kick. Drives home the buzz.