24 October 2013

Offroad Julesnus (2013) Edition. (Seasonal Snus) 24 October 2013.

NOTE:  This product is a seasonal snus sold around the holiday season.

It's my favorite time of year - the holidays! Every year I get excited about the arrival of Julesnus from V2 Tobacco and Gotlandssnus. Though I've reviewed each in the past - V2's Nordstrommen Julesnus and Gotland's Julesnus, it's always hard to determine which one I like best. But regardless, I look forward to the arrival of them both equally each year! This year, V2 is switching Julesnus from the Nordstrommen label to the Offroad label. Same flavor profile, new name. If you're not familiar to Julesnus, or are new to snus, this is a great year to get in on the holiday spirit! BuySnus describes it as, " Julesnus/ Christmas snus is a snus with a strong aroma of Glögg (mulled wine) and cinnamon and a deep smooth taste that follows. Comes in both Loose and Portion." Another thing I hear every year around Christmas time from those new to snus is "What is this Glögg stuff, anyway?".

In 2011, I actually did a video where I made Glögg, and it's quite good! If you missed my review of V2's Julesnus, a quick summary - " Upon opening the can you're greeting with an immediate, smooth aroma of cinnamon with slight hints of clove. The smell isn't strong or overbearing, but is so pleasant that I found myself barely being able to take my nose away from the can. The flavor comes on immediately with a burst of cinnamon, and gentle hints of clove mellowing in the background. As the flavor matures, the cinnamon and clove balance completely until both flavors mingle on your palette in equal parts, providing an amazing flavor of Christmas. The flavor stays strong for about an hour until it mellows out and fades away." This year, when you buy Julesnus in a 10 can format, you get it in this neat BIG snus can that holds your 10 can roll. It's really cool, like a little present from V2. I did a video last night where I get more in depth with the can if you're curious about it.
So if you're new to snus, or a seasoned user, this is always the best time of year. Not just for new snus - but the holiday snuses as well. I never try to recommend one over the other - V2 or Gotlands, both are very good and I suggest getting both.   Because it's Christmas, and you deserve to spoil yourself.  Happy Holidays!

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