14 October 2013

Lenny's Cut Original - Review. 14 October 2013.

Lenny's Snus is a range from GN Tobacco that doesn't seem to get talked about much. It's a decent product, and comes with a cheap price tag, so I always wonder why this one gets left out of the conversation! The Lenny line is quite simple; it only contains this product, Lenny's Cut Los and Lenny Stark White. The product description says, "Lenny's Cut Snus is a snus with classic tobacco flavor and a small amount of citrus. The snus is named after GN Tobacco's factory manager who has mixed the snus with different finely ground tobacco varieties." This snus comes in a 15 gram can with 15 portions weighing 1 gram each. The nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), which easily breaks down to 9mg/portion!

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is mostly tobacco, but has a light hint of citrus and a slight floral presence. The portions are plump, moderately moist, and very comfortable in the lip! The flavor is much like the aroma; tobacco is the focal point of the flavor profile, but you’ll notice it has a mild presence of citrus and a faint floral taste in the background. The flavor lasts about 45 minutes. When it comes to the nicotine, it is a regular strength, which for Oden’s is 9mg/g. That extra 1mg/g doesn’t make it much stronger, so if you’re like me and stick to regular strength you’ll find the nicotine level satisfactory.  As I mentioned, this product doesn't get much word of mouth, but it's a pretty great tasting snus.  If you like tobacco centric flavors, or snus with citrus flavors, I'd suggest giving it a try!

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