23 August 2013

New Goteborg's Rape Slim Coming Soon. UPDATED: 27 August 2013.

Updated: 27 August 2013 - The flavor profile has been released, "A medium-bodied tobacco taste with distinct notes of lavender and juniper, along with hints of cedar and citrus."

Original Post: 23 August 2013 - Translation from Google Translate:
"GOTHENBURG Rape LAUNCHES NEW FORMAT - SLIM. Gothenburg Rapé launching a new soft pouch, optimized fit. With its mild tobacco flavor with hints of fresh herbs and juniper Gothenburg has Rapé grown into a modern classic. In a month launched a new Rapé. The product is based on Swedish Match's latest innovation NatuFibe ®, which improves snuff pouch properties using natural plant fibers. Prillan is a White Large pouch that is longer and narrower. It is also softer and thus a discrete optimized fit under your lip. Gothenburg Rapé Slim launched October 7. A Rapé Slim contains about 20 bags, canister weight is 16 grams. We will provide more information about Rapé Slim snuff closer to launch date."

Source: http://svensktsnus.se/sv/Aktuellt/

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