The Lab 07 (Slim White Extra Strong) - Review. 30 August 2012.

Review Updated:  21 July 2022

The past few years, I've been revisiting a lot of products that I previously reviewed to include higher quality photos and videos (on our Utreon channel), but also to add my rating to my reviews, which I just incorporated a few years ago.  That brings us to Swedish Match's Lab Series brand today, and The Lab 07 Slim White Extra Strong.  I've long been a fan of the Lab Series for it's rustic, outdoorsy tobacco flavor profile.  The flavor description for this one says "a dark and heavy tobacco taste with notes of herbs and cedar, along with hints of walnut and leather".  The can weighs in at 21.6 grams and has 24 portions, for 0.9g each.  The nicotine strength is 18mg/g (1.8%), or 16.2mg/portion.

When you open the can, you'll notice how beautiful this stuff smells.  There's a gentle, semi-dark tobacco base to it.  I pick up notes of wood, mostly reminding me of oak.  It's semi-nutty, but it's not an overtaking component of the aroma.  The pouches are slim in size, soft to the touch, and pretty comfortable under the upper lip.  The flavor is quite nice.  The tobacco base is mild in the flavor profile, and comes through as an earthy, semi-dark tobacco flavor.  It does have a slight nuttiness to it, but it's not too powerful.  There are some wood notes in the flavor, mostly reminding me of oak.  The flavor profile blends and melds together quite well to provide a nice, outdoorsy experience.  In the nicotine strength, it feels to hover between the strong to extra strong level.  I find the flavor to last about an hour, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This is a pretty solid, well rounded snus.  I personally enjoy the Lab Series in the original portion format, but the white portion versions aren't too bad either!  I rated this one at 3.83/5.  It has a nice, outdoorsy type of flavor to it, and a dark, enjoyable tobacco base.  If you like tobacco-centric products, you'll probably enjoy the Lab.  02, 05, 06, or 07 - all four of the tobacco-centric offerings in this product range have a great flavor!

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