Catch White Black Currant Long. Review. (Discontinued) 7 May 2012.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

This is one I've been looking forward to since I heard about it a few months ago. Swedish Match has been getting pretty ballsy lately with new flavors, we had Goteborg's Rape Lime recently, now Black Currant, and one I'll be reviewing later tonight - Apple Cinnamon. It's cool that they're moving into new territory and experimenting more with unique flavors. Like Black Currant. You're probably saying the same thing I did when I read this product description, "What the hell's a Black Currant?" The product description for this new snus from BuySnus says it's, "Catch snus in the popular long portion formati , with a milde tobacco taste with a clear flavor of black currant and mint and just a hint of violet and herbs." I had to do some research, because I don't know what Black Currant is, so I checked around the interwebz to see just what this new flavor was all about. Wikipedia says it's "...a species of Ribes berry native to central and northern Europe and northern Asia, and is a perennial." That tells me absolutely nothing so I had to check around for more information. The best description I've found so far is a dried fruit that tastes like raisins. Works for me. The smell is really interesting and hard to explain. It's a slightly fruity and floral aroma with an almost herbal like quality to it.
The portions are rather interesting. This is the first long white portion that isn't a "slim/medium fit" like the Catch Pure Mint. These portions remind me a lot of the US General releases - Classic Blend and Nordic Mint, a little longer than usual snus portions, but a little thicker as well. These are extremely comfortable in the lip as well. The taste is so unique, it's unlike anything I've ever had before. The taste almost hearkens to grape, but with a lighter flavor and a floral/herbal blend in the background and a cooling/airy feeling to the snus the longer you have it in your lip. It's really interesting and hard to explain but that's the best I can do. This is one you'll have to try for yourself, it's quite unique. I don't get the mint, though the violet does come through a little longer into the snus and is a very mellow experience. This snus is very chill, it reminds me a lot of Drank, which is a drink designed to "Slow Your Roll". I give it a thumbs up, it's a unique snus and I'd suggest you guys try it if you're looking for something to shake things up a bit.