Lucky Strike Original Portion Review. (Discontinued) 15 April 2012.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Add this to the list of "Why am I just now getting around to reviewing this again?". I've reviewed lots of Lucky Strike in the past - Lucky Strike Strong Loose (Discontinued), Lucky Strike Nites (Discontinued), Lucky Strike (White Portion) and Lucky Strike (Strong White) - but never the Original Portion. Weird. Anyways, I figured it was time to get around to the Original. This is one of those snuses you can't get in the US due to brand restrictions - so if you're an EU snuser this review is mostly for you. Or those of us in the US who have friends overseas who send us random "care packages" of goodies. Lucky Strike is an iconic brand - though the cans don't feature it anymore, they used to carry the "It's Toasted" logo that the Lucky Strike cigarettes of the past carried which signify the "toasting" of the tobacco that was the main advertising point with the cigarettes back in the day. If you're a snus fan or long time reader of this blog you know that snus isn't fermented or treated with fire in any way, so "toasting" doesn't happen but smoke flavor is definitely added to recreate the experience of the "It's Toasted" Luckies from yesteryear. The coolest part about Lucky Strike is the cans - I've always loved these cans. They're so classy looking. The snus itself is quite good as well and has always been one of my favorites.

When you open a can of Lucky Strike Original Portion the smell that comes through is a very nice and smokey tobacco aroma. One thing I've always mentioned about Lucky Strike is that the portions are rather flat, so it takes some fluffing before you get a nice soft portion ready to put into your lip. The snus itself tastes great - a nice tobacco taste with a pleasant salt balance and a smokey flavor wrapping it all together. I really like this snus - it's one that when I do get it I don't want to use much of it because I don't know when I'll be able to get ahold of more. When I first started snusing there weren't any brand restrictions or any of that - you could order Lucky Strike, REAL Camel Snus (JTI) and Montecristo/R&J (Cuban tobacco/Swedish snus) and have it shipped right to you. A year or so later the web stores stopped shipping it and here we are today. Gotta love America. The most iconic American tobacco brand can't be shipped to America. So as I said, if you have a friend overseas or you're an EU snuser, you owe it to yourself to try Lucky Strike. The entire line is great, and this one is no exception.


  1. Gotta get a Swedish friend so I can try this

  2. Got a can of this in a try out box when I first started using snus and it was really really good! Wish I had kept the can!! It's was definitely the coolest and highest quality can I have ever seen. Snubie, aren't you in Conway? I live in Jacksonville. Was buying some of my snus locally across from UALR at the cigar/pipe store and just discovered the other day that the Tobacco superstores in Little Rock and North Little rock are carrying General Snus!! They have the little General fridges. No loose as they said they had to send it back cause it expired. Also, I'm getting it for a dollar a can with the coupons they have there. Didn't know if you knew they were carrying it or not.

  3. Yessir, I live in Conway and work in LR.

    Pipe & Tobacco is a cool shop, it's the only one around here other than Fayetteville that I know of that carries General.

  4. I used this snus earlier I have to agree it was a good tasting brand. The problem was that when I was going to buy it over the counter they thought I wanted cigarettes. Cigarette brand snus get some suspicion so I see why it was discontinued but it is just a name I also liked prince snus but LD is horrible for me.

  5. Hi Chad, Just came across this review after a 12 year break from snus and itching to try it again.
    Gonna put an order in tonite.
    Unfortunately my 3 favorite brands are all discontinued!
    The original old Nick and Johnny's, Onyx (with the cool black portions) and Lucky Strike Original which is my all time fave.
    Are there any of the new (or old) brands that come close to any of these snus flavors?


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