Lucky Strike (Strong White Portion) Review. (Discontinued) 11 June 2011.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Lucky Strike - the snus I love and hate equally. In the past, I've written a little bit about Lucky Strike - having reviewed Lucky Strike Strong Loose, Lucky Strike Nites, and Lucky Strike White Portion. Lucky Strike is truly a classic, iconic American brand - which is why it pains me so that it cannot be purchased in America. For those in countries other than America, and the EU of course, this review is for you. Our friends at already have this available, so check it out - because Lucky Strike is a really good snus. With the addition of Strong White to their expanding product line, Lucky Strike is expanding into quite a flagship brand - much like General, or other snuses with all types of strengths and portion formats. I've always expressed how much I love the Lucky Strike cans - they're very classy, sturdy, and a great conversation piece when you're out in public. This one is no different, I really dig the contrast of the white letters on the black can.

When I open the can, the aroma that comes through is very much like the traditional Lucky Strike White Portion, a very smokey aroma. The portions are traditional white portions, but don't seem quite as compact/pressed as the white portions I tried in the past. A little fluffing, however, is needed to get them ready for my lip. The taste is very much like Lucky Strike White Portion - a smokey/toasty flavor wrapped around a pure tobacco base. The nicotine hit is moderate, nothing crazy strong or anything - much like a 12mg portion would hit. It comes on pretty steadily and lasts quite a while, as does the taste. This is a really good snus, especially for those who like strong portions and a pure tobacco taste in a white portion format. If you're somewhere that can get Lucky Strike, I'd suggest trying it!


  1. Lucky strike for me took the place of General snus

  2. Yeah this is a nice high quality snus .. I dare say it could replace my beloved N&J WP... if it were for sale in the US


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