New Icetool Snus Boxes! 16 February 2011.

You'll notice I'm a big fan of Icetool. I also love my Icetools when it comes to lossnus. I never had any of the original snusboxes - I kinda thought they were a bit too big to carry around. Most of the time when I need to mix and match, I throw portions in my Onyx Carbon Fiber tin. The only complaint I have about that is that it doesn't have a great seal around the lid. These new slim snusboxes from Icetool fix all that. They come in blue, black, and red. The official product description reads like this. "Slim pocket size Icetool snus box. Made from solid piece of aluminum. Strong, light and durable construction. Anodized long lasting color, refined finishing."

Talking size, you can see from this pic the size difference. It's about the same size around as a regular can of snus, but is much slimmer than a regular snus can. The joy of these is that it's so slim it can fit in your pocket comfortably, or into the pocket of a shirt. There is a lot of ease when it comes to carrying these around. And they're definitely a conversation piece.

As I said before, I'm not a big fan of the fact that the Onyx Carbon Fiber tin doesn't have a great seal. Granted, it is a sexy snusbox, but, more often than not I'm finding it's opened in my messenger bag and spilled snus everywhere which in turn dries out and has to be thrown away. These have a really good seal on them, looks a lot like the o-ring around the Icetool.

When it comes to size, don't let the slim size fool you. I was able to flip over a can of SM snus (star formation) and fit the whole can completely in the Icetool slim box. When it comes to original portions, I was about to fit 16 comfortably. I'm sure you could fit more, but I didn't want to squish them. This is also great for los - especially Swedish Match paperboard containers. I don't have a scale so I'm not sure exactly how much I could fit in one of these new cans, but probably half a can of los or so. Right now, you can buy these direct from the Icetool store. I'm sure the webstores will have them available for sale soon, too. All in all, a great new product and a stylish way to carry around your favorite snuses!