Jakobsson's Classic Strong (Discontinued) Review. 19 January 2011.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.  We used to have a review of Jakobsson's Mint Strong Portion with this article, but it's been moved to it's own article at this link.

This one really caught me off guard. I imagined it would be a clone of other traditional flavored snuses on the market, but it seems that tradition Swedish flavor was blended with an American taste to provide a new and unique flavor but also staying true to the heritage of the Gotlandssnus name. When you crack the seal of this snus, the aroma is a traditional Swedish aroma - hints of citrus but a little sweet smell coming through, too. It reminded me a little of Gustavus, but more subdued and without the floral notes.

The taste, of course, is slightly sweet - paring the intended American taste profile with traditional Swedish flavor - a unique flair. The taste of citrus comes through which reminds you that this is a standard issue Swedish Snus, but balanced with a mellow herbal taste (much like the mint) and a little sweet taste mellowed out with a little salt in the background. It's much like you'd expect from a traditional Swedish Snus with the bergamot flavor, but this citrus isn't quite as tart, it lacks the pepper flavor of General, and is a little sweeter. The portions are very moist and comfortable, this snus being a strong portion sitting at about 14mg of nicotine and designed with a faster release due to the pH level, it provides a great little kick to it as well. 


  1. Wow bought a can of this today and am kinda surprised I was expecting a wallop but this is a sweet mild snus..not really as "Strong" as I expected being a strong portion tho .. for 14mg of nicotine it has surprisingly little lip or "juice burn" as i like to call it.


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